Oct. 1st, 2007 03:51 pm
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Joined the Galleon Leisure Club, as they have a 25m ozone-treated pool (which therefore has only about half the chlorine level of most pools).
Swam a little tentatively because my left shoulder still has some residual stiffness from a mystery injury 3 or 4 weeks ago (woke up one morning with a stiff shoulder). So breaststroke only, for now.
1600m, in 54 minutes. Not too shabby. I can definitely go faster than this at breaststroke.
I didn't use my nose clip, as I wanted to find out whether it is necessary in this pool. Several hours later I've only had a minor chlorine reaction. Fingers crossed. Ankle also not complaining despite 3 mile cycle each way.
I am considering signing up for a sponsored "channel swim": not to actually swim the channel but to swim the same distance (22 miles), over the 12 weeks between 17th September (2 weeks ago) and 9th December. [livejournal.com profile] manjushra is thinking of doing it, and I have said I will do it if she does. I'm away in the US all of next week, so this would involve swimming at least 4000 metres a week. If my surgery gets rescheduled for early November (possible, based on what the consultant said last week), I'll have to swim 8000 metres a week to get it done before then - a real challenge. I'll increase my basic distance per swim to 2000m or 2500m, and see how I feel about it.
The pool is open silly hours (06:45 to 22:00 M-F, 09:00 to 21:00 w/e), and there's also a big gym, saunas, jacuzzis, steam rooms, etc. I might investigate these further once I'm in a good swimming routine.

Update: yes, I will be after you for sponsorship money if I decide to go for the "channel swim".
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Spent about 20 minutes swimming in the sea yesterday. Mmmm. It's the best. Booking a short break over Christmas (when I won't have my children this year), to go and do the same for several days somewhere much warmer.
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A traditional pool, complete with integral ceramic hand-rail, and concrete steps on which I bashed my arm (once) and my head (once). And very 'noisy': lots of chop. Also 22.4 metres long, I found out after getting out. Why 22.4 metres? I'm baffled myself, as it's not a round number in old money either (73'6"). Possibly it's a 25 yard pool (75 feet), shortened for some reason by 18 inches?
Anyway, I was there before 8 and swam 34 lengths. I was intending to swim half a mile (i.e. taking it easy to start with, as I am aware of some stiffness in my left shoulder), and added on a couple of extra lengths as the pool felt a bit short. I should have done two more. So:
761.6 metres.
Oh, and it's 2 miles each way, which is far enough to be vaguely worthwhile on the bike.
I think I'll try to find an actual 25 metre pool. I wonder where the closest one might be. The Withington pool (a similar distance in the opposite direction) says that it's 23 metres, and is in another somewhat dilapidated once-splendid Victorian building: probably a worthwhile experience but not ideal for regular swimming. The Aquatics Centre has lane-swiming - in their 50 metre pool, no less - but is 5 miles away: almost as far as Stockport grand central pools.
Update: There's a 25 metre pool at the Galleon leisure centre in Didsbury, which is 3 miles, but involves signing up for at least a month's membership. That would get me gym membership too. Hmm.
Update 2:Stretford Leisure Centre has a 25m pool, and is 4 miles.


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